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A Root Canal Specialist 

All dentists are trained to carry out root canal treatment.

Many dentists refer cases they regard as complex root canal treatment and emergencies such as trauma to the tooth or facial swelling, to an endodontist.

Endodontists are specialist dentists who have studied for an extra 2 -3 years on root canal treatment. If specialist care is indicated for your endodontic needs, your dentist will discuss this with you.  

At the Phillippe O Zimet Specialist Endodontic Practice  we use the latest techniques, state of the art equipment and instruments to undertake your root canal treatment and trauma management.

  • We enhance our vision with the OPERATING MICROSCOPE. We are now able to perform treatment more conservatively and with less tooth destruction.
  • With DIGITAL IMAGING we have instantaneous access to radiographic information. The use of digital technology allows us to substantially reduce your radiation exposure.
  • Even our local anaesthetic techniques like the WAND are computer driven.   This reduces discomfort during the anaesthetic process.
  • University based root canal instrumentation methods and techniques are used in your endodontic treatment.
  • If necessary INHALATION RELATIVE ANALGESIA can be provided for those patients who find treatment difficult
  • A small minority of patients require additional support to assist them during root canal treatment.  Support can be in the form of oral or IV support.  We are fortunate to have secured the assistance of Dr Barry Crieghton of Dental Sedation Victoria.  There are additional costs due to the increased treatment time as well as Dr Barry Creighton's expertise.  For more information regarding Dr Barry Creighton and Dental Sedation Victoria please follow the link bellow:


STERILISATION and CROSS INFECTION CONTROL is implemented.  This meets the Australian Dental Association Guidelines for Infection Control. The Systematic Operating Procedures 2005 – a Manual for Infection Control and Occupational Health and Safety for the Dental Practice 2005 was edited by A/Prof Phillippe Zimet for the Australian Dental Association (Victorian Branch).